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The People Magnet


ISBN 10:   0-9774811-1-5
ISBN 13: 978097748118) 2009

Listen Today! Attract Immediately! Flip the switch to success! Realize 21 keys to relate better to others, and enjoy a better connection with all people when you ‘remove the static.’

If you’re coming up short in life---no committed partner, no great clients, or maybe you just want to attract people to date, or to nail a good job---you may need a People Magnet! You can release and extend your magnetic power! This audio book will improve your relationships, finances, and health! Attract in every trajectory,  energizing the Law of Attraction;  you will easily comprehend 21 principled strategies or simple changes you can implement immediately to remove barriers and connect to others! You will also instantly enjoy a happier and more confident demeanor. You can stop repelling people, money, and vitally important health! Unblock your true Infinite Power today with THE PEOPLE MAGNET!


Reinvent Yourself


ISBN: 9780966225730

Earn big money without competition by doing what you love!

Finding your purpose aligns you with doing what you love and getting paid! Enjoy easy and fun exercises to find your purpose and happiness in under 30 minutes! Use this passion to create your dream job! As you work for yourself, you forge a career that resonates with you and your genuine inner  enthusiasm! Affirmations and guided meditation tracks reduce fear and empower every user; these tracks can be used every day! This product facilitates instant clarity and confidence, self respect, self-awareness, and breakthroughs! The process is easy to do anywhere and can be effective every time in your life you need to progress with paradigm shifts, and reinvent yourself again. 

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Goddess Code


ISBN 13: 978-0-94811-4-9

Your Secret Weapon for Dating Success!

The Goddess Code is the single girls’ therapy and guidance for successful dating, straight from the host of The Goddess Code, on iTunes, Stitcher.com,  YouTube and Facebook Live! You can establish trust and commitment with a KEEPER and FORGET the losers forever! IT is 100% effective for repairing your self esteem and putting you on the correct path to find the one you desire. The Goddess Code works for young and old. It works for all genders.   Dr. Cie Scott interviewed over 20,000 singles coast to coast, who were seeking “THE ONE”. These men and women provided the groundwork for the keys to find commitment in a world of serial monogamy, pain, and disrespect! Find timeless, perfect answers immediately and useful keys to create the life you want to live and the path to your loving partner! These keys to commitment are EXPLICIT and CRYSTAL CLEAR, so implementing them immediately creates instant dating success and order in your life. Want to know if someone is truthful with you? Never put your self respect on the line and never lose control again! Get started today! Gain the confidence and clarity you need to find a winner in a sea of undesirable partners. Reduce your stress level and stop struggling with THE GODDESS CODE; it’s your secret weapon!  Stop your harmful patterns today! This special release goes beyond the podcast and free information, and if you are finished making mistakes, you can’t afford to skip over it!



ISBN: 978-0-977481132

Natural Stress Release, Anti-Aging and Self Realization 

  Guided Meditations and easy instruction allow you to meditate and overcome previous obstacles in this simple, pleasurable process. Deep relaxation techniques allow you to rejuvenate for better overall health, and clarity results from this daily meditation habit!


> Instant gratification:
> Tranquility and Unshakable Confidence
> Creative Solutions & Clarity of Mind
> Increased Energy and Better Health
> Discover Daily Peace
> Improve Your Relationships & Finances 

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7 Rules for Decision Making


You will never make another decision you need to second guess. Your life is the sum of your decisions! If you want a better life, MAKE BETTER DECISIONS! I will give you 7 keys to create the life you always wanted, decision by decision, so you can turn your ship around today! Increased confidence, better communication, and clarity of your intuition are immediate! Live your life with unlimited happiness and prosperity, less dreaded stress and naturally better health.  You will be firm in your path, moving always toward the things you want and away from hindrances and obstructions. Control your mind and your life today and have the happy breakthroughs you have wanted! You have a ‘tool for life’ that you can re-use for every decision in your future! It works for everyone, and decisions are always correct and individualized for YOU! REALLY! It’s that simple, so get yours today!

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ISBN: 0-9774811-0-7

  DECIDE YOUR FUTURE-10 books for $95     Consultation (withfollow-up) $1000- solve your problem permanently- I fix the cause so it doesn’t recur!~  Media Course $1997