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Course description:

Experts, Authors, Speakers, 501c3 Founders, & Product or Service Providers-


YOU have a message to share! Broadcasting your message promotes necessary PROGRESS, CONNECTIONS, SALES or DONATIONS!


Connecting to the Media and finding their sweet spots and empty segments to fill is a LIFE-ALTERING PHENOMENON!


Nothing BUILDS your BRAND faster!


You will Learn:

ü  How to bank on your qualifications and experience, even if it’s minimal

ü  Build credibility at lightning speed

ü  Exude confidence and preparedness when you’re ON THE AIR

ü  Create a GRAND social media presence, faster than you thought possible

ü  Break through any poor habits and unproductive thinking

ü  Identify voids in the news cycle and LAND those OPPORTUNITIES

ü  Create a top notch, professional Media Package, suitable for ALL Media.

ü  One-on-one coaching to perfect your presentation and image


AND, for those who want to launch their own TV show or Podcast, learn how to hold interest and build your audience.


You will know how to consistently perform with excellence and a polished image that will continue to create trust and get REPEAT BOOKINGS.

Ø  You will establish yourself as a GO TO RESOURCE!

Ø  You may also get a regular paid gig on a known show!