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Dr. Cie Allman-Scott

Acting wasn’t enough fun. How Dr. Cie became a Media Psychologist…

Half of life is just showing up, and this is the case with Dr. Cie. In her mid twenties, feeling creatively incomplete reciting lines for recurring roles on General Hospital, Baywatch, and many other episodics, her self-expression took over and Cie Allman put acting on hold and began writing. She wrote commercials and infomercials and became a force in Direct Response advertising. Within a few years she created Infinite Power, a daytime TV show which she grew in syndication from 3 markets to 186 on major networks.  Executive Producing her show afforded her the opportunity to learn most TV production jobs and successfully syndicate her own show.  Focused on her tasks, she excelled as a writer of television content.  Advertising clients were also pleased with her ability to research and execute meaningful scripts. Dr. Cie progressed into ownership of a production company, she also produced commercials for large, world-wide companies such as LifeFitness, Toto, and Now Foods when they brought Stevia to the U.S. market.  She has created and produced martial arts videos, exercise videos, as well as TV pilots, and new episodic series Celebrities with Heart and Beauty and Truth. As an Executive Producer, Dr. Cie cherry picks, creates and favors projects that leave the viewer better, stronger and more positive, inspiring personal growth and a better world. Dr. Cie earned 9 Tellys, 2 Vision Awards, and 2 Emmy nominations for production and hosting. She spends half of her time as host of Beauty and Truth, a weekly, unscripted talk and action show, distributed world-wide on several known TV apps.

From uncoordinated child to professional athlete

Cie began as uncoordinated as a child could be but learned that in order to gain respect, she would need to excel at sports. Through the pain of being left out, she applied herself and excelled. Her love for the water inspired her to study and pass the Lifeguard certification, which was state licensed and very physically challenging for a tall, thin girl. After performing grunt work for the local Park District, she became a Lifeguard. In high school she was a diver, a swimmer and was most known as a Pom-Pon girl, as her high school squad earned the “Best in State” title (in Illinois) and marched and danced in the Chicago televised parades. She has been a dedicated gym rat since that time but decided to become a martial artist.  She studied in Venice, CA with many of the celebrities commonly seen starring in action films, like Mortal Combat, Star Wars. True Lies, and Ring of Fire. She attained her black belt in a mixed style, Shorindo Kenpo and  also earned a brown belt in Shorin Ryu karate. She achieved the Ms. Fitness Southwest title as a result of her nutritional and training expertise and dance ability, also earned 4th place nationally. For over 20 years, Cie has been a PADI-certified scuba diver and has done challenging dives in Asia, the Caribbean, the Galapagos Islands, the Indian Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef and the South Pacific, but don’t forget Central AmericaFlorida and Europe. She loved crocodile cage-diving in Zimbabwe but regrets snorkeling in Alaska, which was beautiful but took hours to thaw. Cie has also performed in dance sequences in Hollywood films. To this day in her 50’s, Dr. Cie sports 6-pack abs and works out regularly, walking her dogs several miles every day.

From modeling to acting and beyond

Cie began professional modeling in High School in the Chicago suburbs. Although she grew up “a ham” and could be easily coaxed into silly performances, she aspired to be a model and actress while getting straight A’s and earning a B.S. in Business Administration. She moved to the east coast the day after college graduation and eased back into modeling when she experienced the challenges of earning enough money to survive. Cie became a spokesperson for countless Fortune 500 companies, many in the health and beauty fields.  She has represented and promoted over 150 health and fitness products on international platforms and on television. At 24 she decided her age could limit her and moved from New York City to L.A. where she immediately found work acting.  Cie had small parts in big movies and big parts in lower budget films. This was not satisfying and she believed that if she didn’t read those lines, some other blond would be cast and no one would care. This is when her path as a creator of television began.  In only a few years her TV show dream became a reality; she interviewed celebrities about their secrets to success in a gym setting with loads of additional show content to help viewers’ mindset and inner strength.  She became a mind/body/spirit expert as she earned her Ph.D.in psychology. From this place she has been known more as a TV host than an actress. She is known also as a Media Psychologist, broadcasting answers to life’s challenging questions on TV and in podcasts. To this day she finds herself on both sides of the camera, often simultaneously.

Becoming a best-selling author

During the years hosting her first episodic daily talk show, Dr. Cie was frequently asked to write for health and fitness magazines.  She was a monthly contributor to many, writing monthly columns, including Max Muscle and Fitness. After the demands of a daily TV series ended, she wrote her first book, 7 Rules for Making Decisions and developed many tools for self-help, including many audio books and self development programs that are still useful today. Dr. Cie will help anyone to Reinvent Yourself, mediate, or affirm your way to the success you desire. (Visit the SHOP tab here and also find some free gifts.)  In 2019 she wrote the Amazon #1 best-seller, DECIDE YOUR FUTURE; Write, Direct and Star in Your Life. This book is helpful for any person and allows life to be an “open book test” rather than a series of frustrations.

Travel for work and play

Dr. Cie traveled throughout her life through the 7 continents, and for many years as an International spokes model. Eventually becoming a member of the Travelers Century Club, reserved for the most extensively traveled in the world, she continues her quest to see every part of the world. As a model, Cie was under pressure, working typically in three cities per week, keeping a hectic schedule; it wasn’t feasible to check bags for fear something would get lost or delayed, so Cie learned to travel with less and appear prepared, professional and ready for the camera or large audiences. Cie evolved through the decades from an educated model with business sense. More travels came of her consequent career as an International Speaker; she began to lecture around the world on psychological topics. Dr. Cie decided after a few years to add a ‘travel psychology’ bonus to her lectures, and audiences were very appreciative. Her lectures evolved into travel and destination lectures, again sharing her coined ‘travel psychology’ to make traveling more fun, less stressful, cheaper and exceeding expectations. Ten years later JetSetPHD.com was born; it is a byproduct that she shares compassionately with travelers of all kinds. Dr. Cie has experienced 150 countries and 96 luxury cruises.

Stand up comedy to International Keynote speaking

For 20 years, Dr. Cie has lectured in 6 continents regarding the brain, optimal performance and human behavior, sharing her brand of “info-tainment.” She has also keynoted for many industries, associations and women’s organizations. She was first invited to speak at Health and Fitness Expos as a TV personality and body/mind/spirit expert. Other monologues and unscripted performances proceeded professional speaking. In younger years, Cie attended ‘improv school’ at Second City Theater in Chicago, moved to L.A. and was a standup comic at the famed IMPROV in L. A. and other Hollywood venues. She played prankster parts on shows like Totally Hidden Video and Saturday Night Live. Over the past 20 years, she has done 25 speaking tours with 10 to 17 different topics to perform, each 45 minutes plus audience Q & A.

Cie’s earliest performances on international stages as a spokes model for over 100 Fortune 500 companies were very beneficial experiences. Companies included 3M, Polaroid, Ford Motors, Lipton, Sumitomo, Kraft Foods and Hilton Hotels. Coupled with acting and TV hosting, this afforded her a unique education, which included improvisation and comedy. Cie understands the value of a comedic edge and opportunities for the audience to enhance their lives with instant gratification.

Personal Life

She is married for 17 years to Dr. Aaron Scott, M.D., FACS and they enjoy the love and company of their Therapy dogs, Papillons (tiny spaniels), Jewel and Jolie. Mindfulness and fitness are part of her daily routine.  Business challenges her commitment to stay balanced but never gives up. Dr. Cie loves classic rock, old disco and funk and loves to dance. Cie serves on charity boards and supports many registered 5013cs that maintain low administrative costs; she feels fortunate to give back measurable time and treasure contributions.

Cie’s earliest performances on international stages as a spokes model for over 100 Fortune 500 companies were very beneficial experiences. Companies included 3M, Polaroid, Ford Motors, Lipton, Sumitomo, Kraft Foods and Hilton Hotels. Coupled with acting and TV hosting, this afforded her a unique education, which included improvisation and comedy. Cie understands the value of a comedic edge and opportunities for the audience to enhance their lives with instant gratification.